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Wind Turbine Blade Service & Maintenance

Germany, Dusseldorf

The launch of AMI’s Wind Turbine Blade Service & Maintenance will take place on 12 December 2019 at the Maritim Hotel, in Düsseldorf.  This one day conference will be held straight after our AMI’s Wind Turbine Blade Manufacture event on its 10th anniversary.

The event begins with a welcome coffee break and exhibition for all delegates and speakers followed by a 1 day focused technical programme.

Wind turbine blades market continues to grow in maturity which has enabled the wind blades manufacturing industry to continue to decrease the cost of wind energy. This is key for wind energy to continue becoming a sustainable energy for any country’s power mix to rely on. The number of wind turbine blades in need of service, maintenance, repairs and even substitution grows together with the industry’s maturity. The wind turbine blades service and maintenance industry is expected to grow strongly. Bearing in mind that blades account for a significant proportion of the total O&M costs of an average wind farm, it becomes clear that not only the production of blades but also their service and maintenance are key for cost optimization. The conference will explore the efficiency maximisation of wind farms taking into account the end of their life cycle plus, blade downtime reduction to increase overall asset profitability. Many other measures that can help optimizing turbine power output and different operational strategies such as (independent vs in-house O&M operations) will also be discussed. Materials will play an important role in this conference. The performance of different material technologies will be explored regarding energy output, together with an introduction to the latest innovations, anda special focus on LEP solutions.

AMI's Wind Turbine Blade Service & Maintenance 2019 conference brings together Independent Service Providers (ISP), wind farm owners, wind turbine producers, blade manufacturers, design engineers, composites manufacturing experts, researchers, developers, service engineers, materials and equipment suppliers, to discuss the technology and economics of producing reliable year-round wind energy, focusing on the key component, the rotor.

This event will take place on 12 December 2019 in Dusseldorf, Germany.