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Workshop projet ComPair

Italy, Roma

On June 28, at ENEA Headquarters of Rome, research scientists by 11 partners from Europe will address topics relating to build a new and original way for continuous health monitoring and non-destructive assessment of composites and composite repairs on surface transport applications. The workshop will also introduce a certificated procedure and guidelines on these applications, in order to generate a cost effective manufacturing and maintenance procedure.

The main objective of ComPair project is for the consortium to investigate the use of various NDT techniques (i.e. phased array ultrasonics, thermography approaches, NIR imaging, laser profilometry) on composites that are used on the surface transport. The project is aimed to develop a robotic system that accommodates selected NDT techniques at the end of the project. 

The ComPair project covers fundamental research activities, as well market analysis and product development activities. The work shop will introduce technical objectives as: the development of quantitative non-invasive NDT approaches for prompt assessment of composites during the manufacturing and assembly stages of the composite materials and structures; the development of health monitoring approach for the composite components on vehicles; the development of a robotic scanner which accommodate the transient thermal NDT approach for the in situ testing
of the structures during inspection and maintenance and will demonstrate the performance of the robotic scanner by employing the transient thermal NDT approach on a modular basis; the development of a software that automatically detects defects and assists user /engineers in the analysis of the thermographic images.