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World Materials Forum

France, Nancy

The its 5th edition in 2019, the focus of the World Materials Forum was “making it happen”, delivering more and faster thanks to enhanced collective intelligence. The organizers have spoken with facts and figures during their “signature” sessions on assessing materials criticality and measuring materials efficiency. And participants reviewed technologies and business solutions for water consumption, recycling of electronic wastes, portable energy storage, autonomous vehicles and future aircrafts.

Organizers would like to highlight their key achievements for WMF 2019 :

  • the confirmation that their criticality assessment jointly developed by BRGM, CRU, Mc Kinsey and WMF is now used as a reference for key investment decisions in the field of critical materials
  • the launch of their app "World Materials Connect" that offers a direct link between the CEOs of 13 top multinational corporations and the CEOs of 90 breakthrough start ups all around the world
  • the realistic goals announced by speakers in various plenary sessions:
    - to reduce worldwide water loss by 2/3 and associated energy costs by 50% by 2030
    - to divide by 2 the time to 80% charge of new EV batteries by 2030 (from 30 to 15 mns)
    - to increase by 40% energy density of new batteries at cell level (from 700 Wh/L to 1000 Wh/L)
    - to collect and recycle or reuse 80% of used EV batteries and 80% of used ICTs by 2035

The theme of the 6th edition will be "From Breakthrough Innovation to Industry: Sound and Fast"

The plenary sessions of WMF 2020 will be on critical materials, materials efficiency KPIs, circular economy for bulk materials (steel, aluminium and cement), making 3D industrial, fuel cells, collecting & recycling polymers and composites. There will also be a few 2/3 persons debates on global public cooperation, smart cities ... and spintronics for reduction of energy consumption. And of course the start up program with world materials connect and the start up challenge.

This event will take place on 10-11 June 2020 in Nancy, France.