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World Wind Energy Conference (WWEC2013)

Cuba, Havana

12th World Wind Energy Conference & Renewable Energy Exhibition WWEC2013
"Opening Doors to Caribbean Winds"

WWEC2013 will have a special focus on the Caribbean and Central American region and will hence feature the special topic of "Opening Doors to Caribbean Winds". The region is just about to start using wind power on a large scale, the first wind farms have been implemented. WWEC2013 aims at developing comprehensive strategies for businesses, governments as well as for local communities in order to make use of its vast wind potentials, together with the other renewable energies. 


WWEC2013 is comprised of a three-day program of panels and presentations focused on ownership and business models, policy, financing, local and regional renewable energy integration, technology, governance and capacity building. The meeting will provide ample opportunities to present and discuss research results which will be supported by various panels and several keynote speeches with special emphasis on public dialogue. A trade show exhibition will showcase new technologies, suppliers and manufacturers in the renewable energy sector.


The official conference languages will be English and Spanish.


The event will take place the 3-5 June 2013, in the Convention Palace of Havana, Cuba.