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XVIII International Conference on Mechanics of Composite Materials

Latvia, Riga

Since 1965, the Institute of Polymer Mechanics has organized 15 conferences on the mechanics of composite materials (MCM), with a total of about 2000 papers and posters. At the last five "MCM" conferences, there participated roughly 960 research workers from 35 countries.


This year, differents themes will be:

- Structure and properties of constituents
    Properties of polymeric, metallic, and ceramic matrices
    Properties of fillers, nanoparticles, and organic and natural reinforcing fibers
    Role of interface, measurements, and optimization

- Time-and environment-dependent properties and durability
    Long-term properties, creep, and aging
    Environmental effects
    Prediction of long-term deformations

- Strength, fracture, damage and fatigue
    Interaction and sequence of inter- and intralaminar damage and failure in composites
    Measurements of fracture toughness
    Delamination of laminates
    Fatigue under complex loading histories
    Prediction of fatigue lifetime and accelerated tests

- Structures
    Methods of optimization of composite structures
    Sandwich structural and joint design
    Intelligent systems
    Active and passive control systems
    Damage monitoring in structures and seismic design

- Composite materials application in aeronautics and space
    Properties of composite materials
    Finite element modeling (FEM)
    Production and maintenance aspects

- Composites in civil engineering and infrastructure
    Fiber-reinforced plastics for concrete structures
    Polymer composites for renovation of structures
    Polymers in concrete

- Mechanical aspects of technology
    Resin infusion processes
    Flow of nonlinear polymer melts in porous media
    Recycling of advanced composites

- Biomechanics
    Mechanics of biological tissues
    Mechanics of prosthesis of biological organs


Tjis event take place on 2-6 June in Riga, Latvia.