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£89 million investment in UK Catapult network

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10 Dec 2014

Autumn Statement includes additional support for High Value Manufacturing Catapult and a new National Formulation Centre.

Chancellor George Osborne announced additional government support for the High Value Manufacturing Catapult, to help manufacturing businesses turn their good ideas into viable commercial applications which can be produced in this country. The High Value Manufacturing Catapult comprises seven elite technology and innovation centres throughout the country. This announcement means £61m additional government investment will be made to provide the High Value Manufacturing Catapult with the capability to reach out to a wider reach of manufacturing sectors and to engage more Smaller and Medium sized manufacturing businesses.

In addition, the Chancellor announced £28m investment for the creation of a National Formulation Centre within the High Value Manufacturing Catapult’s Centre for Process Innovation in the North East of England. The centre will develop a globally unique capability that will develop and deliver the next generation of formulated products across a wide range of markets, such as food, pharmaceuticals, coatings, oil, lubricants and FMCG. It will help to increase the UK’s share of a growing global market by accelerating product and process innovation.

UK manufacturing has seen promising growth over the last few years, and this is widely recognised as a strong contributor to the relatively robust performance of the UK’s economy. Historically, the UK has always been strong at early stage Research, but has often seen the commercial benefit of its inventions and innovations go overseas. The High Value Manufacturing Catapult – which is part of the UK Government’s Catapult programme - bridges the gap between business, academia, research and government, helping to turn great ideas into reality.

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