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“Mechemco is a technologydriven company”

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13 Aug 2011

Infrastructure, wind energy, automotive and transport sectors to drive future of Indian composites industry.

(Published on July 2006 – JEC Magazine #26)




JEC Composites Magazine: In your opinion, which sectors will drive the market over the next few years?


Pradip Thakkar: As far as composites are concerned, the following sectors are seen to be doing very well over the next few years:
- Infrastructure: with the pace of growth in the Indian economy, there is a need to improve infrastructure. Infrastructure spending has been the driving force for further growth in emerging economies. As an example, a 100-km pipeline requires over 30,000 metric tons of composites;
- Wind energy: the Indian wind-energy potential is estimated at 75,000 MW. And only about 4% of this is tapped. The next few years will see a big growth in this segment;
- Building and construction;
- Automotive: with major international players expanding their base in India, and rising income levels, this sector is a promising one for composites, both thermosets and thermoplastics;
- Mass transportation: I see a huge growth in exports of composites out of India. India is going to be a major outsourcing hub for composites.


The other sectors could be chemical equipment and offshore applications.


JCM: Do you think that composites can meet market expectations?


P. T.: Not always.


JCM: What are the main needs of the Indian composites market?


P. T.: The mains needs of the Indian composites market are market awareness for composites, market and performance databases, and testing and evaluation agencies. A systematic effort to popularise the use of composites with end users would go a long way.


The composites fraternity in India should improve the confidence level of users and specifiers by providing quality solutions rather than just cheap ones. Fabricators and all players should look at providing better solutions for alternative materials rather than just copying and undercutting one another.


JCM: You are currently in a comfortable position. What strategy have you developed to improve it further?


P. T.: Mechemco is a technology-driven company with a vision to serve the global market in a socially responsible manner by continually developing, upgrading and implementing new technologies for performance resins to the benefit of its customers and end users. Mechemco derives its strength from the technical and core competences of the team members, where every member’s objective is to continuously improvise for a superior performance by the entire team. Our goal has always been to provide our customers with a technical supremacy to make them ever stronger. Our strength lies in our customers’ strength. To continue to accomplish the above, we have expanded our production capacities and are strengthening our R&D activities. Mechemco will consolidate exports and increase its presence in the international market. To this end, we are working on tieup with global majors to bring better value to our customers and our partners.


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Another company reflects the dynamism of India’s composite sector. Mumbaibased Mechemco Industries is a technology-driven company with a mission:
“Developing and implementing new technology to contribute to rapid growth of the FRP industry”, according to Chairman Pradip Thakkar. As a result, the company is now a leading manufacturer of unsaturated polyester resin, which goes by the brand name Mechster Resins in Western India. Mechemco's executives work in synergy to coordinate and optimally run the company’s manufacturing, R&D, technical-services, and distribution operations, as well as application developments. From a very modest beginning about a decade ago, Mechemco Industries expanded its activity by setting up its Network Polymers Pvt. Ltd. unit in Tarapur, about 100 km from Mumbai, to add to its existing unit at Dombivli. The resin-manufacturing activity in India being highly unorganised with more than 50 UP-resin manufacturing units, the company enjoys a very prominent position, with a share of about 15% of the overall market in India and about 30% in specialty resins. Mechemco Industries is the founder member and coordinator of the Polyester Resin Manufacturers' Association (PRMA).