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100th edition of Tour de France starts with TeXtreme victory

News International-French

11 Jul 2013

The 100th edition of the world’s most famous bicycle competition started on the 29th of June in Porto Vecchio, France, and resulted with a victory in the first stage for rider Marcel Kitten.

Kitten competes for Team Argos Shimano that uses a frame from Felt Bicycles built using TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon fabrics.

Marcel Kittel said after its victory: “I am really proud of all my teammates, who did an amazing job today. They worked throughout the whole day to keep me in good position and to protect me. The finale was very hectic, but the guys stayed calm and they knew exactly what to do — just like we trained for. They reorganized after the crash and took responsibility. We trained mentally and physically for this kind of situation and together with the knowledge we had of the course this helped us stay relaxed and we followed our plan."



InsideOut - Victory for Marcel Kittel in the first stage in the Tour de France



Marcel Kittel's Felt F-Series FRD Argos-Shimano Team Bike