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150 million US$ wind power project settled in Pingjiang

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6 Nov 2013

Recently, Lianyun Mountain wind farm investment development agreement signing ceremony was held at Pingjiang County, Hunan Province. This marked the long discussed project has officially settled in Pingjiang.

Xie Chunsheng, Pingjiang County Governor, Ceng Pingyuan, deputy governor, and Li Yuejun, deputy general manager of Hydro China Investment Co., Ltd (Hydro China) attended the signing ceremony.

Lianyun Mountain wind farm project has a total investment of 900 million Yuan (US$ 150 million) with the planned installed capacity of 100000 kilowatts. The project is expected to start construction in June, next year. The first phase project will be completed by the end of next year, according to the introduction by Hydro China vice GM Li Yuejun.

During the ceremony, Governor Xie Chunsheng said, the wind power project belongs to the new clean energy category. It is in line with national industrial policy and is the kind of project encouraged by the state.

The development of Lianyun Mountain wind power project has a positive significance to promote energy-saving emission reduction in Pingjiang County, to achieve sustainable economic and social development, and to meet the local social and economic development’s strong demand for electricity.

Xie Chunsheng asked relevant government departments to go to all lengths to support the garrison and the implementation of the project, do a solid job in the coordination of service work, and strive to provide the most high-quality project construction environment.

Xie Chunsheng and the China Hydro representative have signed the project contract.

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