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18th National SAMPE Symposium

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26 Apr 2012

The 18th National SAMPE Symposium, with the theme "Lightweight fiber composite construction: methods, materials and production", was held on 29th February - 1st March 2012.

The presentations were structured in three thematic blocks : lightweight construction, complementarity of basic research at the KIT and applied research at the Fraunhofer- Gesellschaf and a lively exchange of experience.


 The SAMPE Innovation Prize’s winners were Mr. Sebastian Hertle, RWTH Aachen, for his work on "New methods for the integration and calculation of three-dimensional fabrics in fiber composites applications", and Mr. Oliver Stoll, KIT Karlsruhe, for his work on the topic "Experimental comparison of highly reactive polyurethane systems and epoxy resins as matrix material in unidirectionallyreinforced carbon-fiber composites".


The next symposium will take place in Hamburg in February 2013.


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