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2011 China's newly installed wind capacity decreased by 7%

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2 May 2012

China Renewable Energy Association Professional Committee released “China 2011 Wind Power Installed Capacity Statistics". According to the statistics, last year, China's newly installed wind power was 17.63 GW and the cumulative installed capacity is 62.36 GW with an annual growth rate of 39.4%.

Compare with 18.93 GW installed in 2010, 2011 installed capacity is reduced by 6.87%.

In the total installed wind power market, Sinovel takes 20.8% ranked the first, followed by Goldwind (20.3%), DEC, China Guodian and Vestas.

In the export part, Goldwind has exported 124 units, 189 MW capacity at the absolute leading position. Sinovel total exports only 6 units.

In 2011, 20.4% of newly installed wind power capacity comes from Goldwind, Sinovel and Guodian ranked second and third with a market share of 16.7% and 16.1% respectively.

In geographical distribution, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region installed 3.74 GW rank the first. Hebei, Liaoning, Shandong, Heilongjiang and Ningxia provinces have all installed more than 2 GW. Gansu province newly installed only 465.20 GW, well below the previous wind growth scale.


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