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25°-tilting compression press

News International-French

5 Mar 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Together with its partner, Tung Yu, the REP company developed a down-stroking 250ton clamp force machine with 2800x3800mm platens for the moulding of motor covers. 

The distance between platens is 3200mm, with a closing stroke of 2200mm and an overall height of 8400mm. The complete press can also be tilted to a 25° angle.

The press is used to mould parts from two liquid compounds (dicyclopentadiene) that are pumped into the mould where they are mixed prior to entering the cavity. The tilting movement is required for air to evacuate from the cavity. Parts are customarily large – several meters wide – and can be relatively thick, without reinforcement.

This press was commissioned in China in 2014 and has been producing parts ever since. Specific parts include engine and motor covers, truck bumpers, etc.

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