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30% lower weight with Loctite EA 9845 surfacing film

News International-French

19 Feb 2013

JEC Europe 2013 - Henkel’s innovative Loctite EA 9845 lightning strike surfacing film enables the use of out-of-autoclave processing without re-work and can be cured using vacuum pressure only. The new film is 30% lighter than existing surfacing films.

This surfacing film gives a high quality of surface finish even at the lower weight and with vacuum-only processing. This reduces the weight of the structure, leading to reduced fuel consumption and emissions.

Out-of-autoclave processing is a very effective way of reducing the manufacturing cost of aircraft structures, but previous lightning strike materials required full autoclave pressure to create high-quality parts and an acceptable surface finish.

Aircraft external composite structures require the use of surfacing and lightning strike materials. The increased use of composites in aircraft components means a growing need for cost-effective, low-weight solutions. 

Henkel and Bombardier worked cooperatively in the process development of the Loctite EA9845 lightning strike film to ensure the manufacture of components with high-quality surface finish. This included scale-up of processing from the manufacture of test panels to full-scale demonstration articles. The lightning strike film is to be specified for the manufacture of fuselage components on the Learjet 85 aircraft which is going into flight testing.

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