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3A Composites Core Materials launches new light PET core material

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7 Sep 2011

Anticipating the growing market of light-weight, fire resistant applications 3A Composites introduces the new Airex T90.60, according to the company the lightest structural PET core material.

3A Composites Core Materials launches new light PET core material

The new AIREX® T90.60 combines the outstanding fire resistance of the AIREX® T90 product family with the low density of 60kg/m3, hitherto associated with PVC and PU foams. Furthermore, T90.60 features high mechanical properties and long term stability as well as very good insulation characteristics and moisture resistance.


Moreover, AIREX® T90.60 excels with its consistent low density and its very fine cell structure resulting in a best-in-class resin uptake and thus total cost as well as total weight of the sandwich part (especially for all kinds of resin infusion methods).


Target applications are weight and cost sensitive, fire resistant parts such as interiors in railway, bus, aerospace and marine. Furthermore, the company sees an interesting potential for structural or semi-structural applications in architecture and construction including roofs, domes, mobile housing, shelters, claddings or even furniture. AIREX® T90.60 will help reducing total cost by saving propulsion energy (lower weight) and heating/cooling expenses (better inherent insulation).


As Philipp Angst, Product Manager of 3A Composites, puts it: “We are very proud to once more take the lead in launching another best-in-class core material for a very attractive and demanding market”.



About 3A Composites Core Materials
3A Composites Core Materials is a global organization with operations in Europe, North America, Ecuador, Brazil, India and China and is part of 3A Composites, a division of Schweiter Technologies AG.
The branded products AIREX® and BALTEK® have pioneered the sandwich technology for almost 70 years. These core materials are used by fabricators to make innovative lightweight sandwich structures for the wind energy, marine and transportation markets as well as other industrial applications. 3A Composites Core Materials is the global leader in answering the markets’ and users' needs for sustainable, lightweight and resource-friendly materials that enable end products to become lighter and thus be more energy efficient. In the wind energy market, its core materials are key to the growth in the generation of renewable energy.
Schweiter Technologies, a Swiss company with a strong tradition, focuses activities on innovative composite materials and high-quality machine construction. Shares of Schweiter Technologies are listed in the main segment of the SIX Swiss Exchange.


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