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3A Composites introduces renewed PET foam

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5 Jul 2011

In November 2010, the new fire resistant Airex® T90.210 was introduced featuring highly increased mechanical properties compared to its predecessor. In January 2011 T92.200 was introduced as a cost-effective core material for all kinds of highly loaded sandwich applications. Now 3A Composites introduces yet another renewed density of its successful Airex® T90 family - the economical structural core material for applications with high flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) requirements.

3A Composites introduces renewed PET foam

The renewed Airex® T90.150 exhibits largely improved mechanical properties: damage tolerance – to name the most outstanding improvement – has been raised three-fold from 2.5% to 8%; shear strength, another important design property, has been increased by over 20% all while the product’s density could be reduced by 3%. Other key features of Airex® T90 include the excellent fire resistance, high temperature performance, exceptional fatigue resistance and its recyclability.


The renewed Airex® T90.150 has already been certified according to the relevant FST standards like NF, DIN, FAR. Furthermore, tests have shown that the new material can also comply with CEN TS 45’545 given the appropriate sandwich design.


These achievements clearly demonstrate and further expand 3A Composites’ leadership as a pioneer in the field of PET core materials – a success story that started in 2005 with the introduction of Airex® T90 as the first PET-based core material.


With the renewed Airex® T90 family and the high performance foam Airex® R82, 3A Composites is at the cutting edge of FST (flame, smoke, toxicity) approved core materials by offering customers two powerful product lines meeting every requirement for fire resistant sandwich cores.


3A Composites’ broadest portfolio of core materials allows customers to perfectly optimize every sandwich structure. With the Hybrid Core Concept® customers can combine different materials according to their optimisation criteria (weight, cost, sustainability) to get a highly customized sandwich solution.



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