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3D fibre parts formed by Fibre Injection Moulding (FIM)

News International-French

17 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - The new FIM (Fibre Injection Moulding) production system allows the production of 3D fibre parts directly from fibres, without semi-products. This system reduces or even eliminates production offcuts, thus reducing material consumption.

Only FIM makes it possible to implement different densities in defined local areas very precisely to reduce material and weight in 3D geometries.

Nearly every type of staple fibre can be used with a thermosetting or thermoplastic binder. The binder can be fibres or powder.

For the FIM system, Fiber Engineering offers product development with PT tools, part production for low volumes, serial tools, and serial machines for medium- or high-volume production.

3D fibre parts can be soft parts for thermal/acoustical insulation, cushions, hard layers for door panels, instrument panels, etc.

The picture shows a sample part for the automotive sector.

Benefit of FIM include:

  • 100% material usage with no waste
  • over 25% weight (and material) reduction
  • thermoplastic binder for easy recycling
  • compliance with UL94 V-0, non-burning

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