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3D Laser Ply Alignment with Z-LASER Laser projectors

News International-French

23 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Laser projection systems are projecting the outline of the ply to the surface where it has to be placed.

Highly accurate projection reduces placement errors and speeds up the placement process. Additional information for the orientation or naming of the ply prevents misplacement and structural weakness. The laser projection is visible on all composite materials with a sharp and crisp laser line. The Surface can be flat (2D) or curved (3D).

Feel free to discuss other customized lasers or lasers as illumination for machine vision applications.


  • Speeding up the layup process
  • Eliminates measuring time and errors
  • Improves constancy of the layup process
  • Optimization of the production process
  • Reduction of false placed / oriented plies
  • Enhancement of accuracy during the placement process
  • Minimizes the effort of rework
  • Easier to schedule the production cycles

Picture: Laser projection for rotor blade construction!



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