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A 3D permeability bench

News International-French

14 Nov 2014

JEC Asia 2014 - PPE launches Easyperm, a permability bench which allows measurement in 3 directions: x, y and z.

Active for more than 10 years in the material characterization, for liquid composites molding technologies development and modelization, PPE is an actor in permeability measurement of reinforcements for composite application.

Based on this experience, PPE has developped Easyperm, a 3D permeability bench, which allows measurement of permeability in plane 2 through thickness (x, y, z).

Permability characterizes ability of reinforcement to let resin flow and so Easyperm can be used for:

  • Process (RTM, Infusion) definition and optimisation
  • Reinforcement: characterization
  • Quality check
  • Comparaison

This equipment is dedicated to R&D centers, labs, universities, marketing center...

More information:
Booth on JEC Asia 2014 : A10