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A 3D-printed face shields for COVID-19

News International-French

23 Mar 2020

Budmen Industries is producing 3D printed devices to support health care workers and also is offering the files for other 3D-printer operators to manufacture the visors, and is asking them to register in order to connect the producers to a healthcare facility in need.

Isaac Budmen and Stephanie Keefe, who make and sell custom 3D printers in their home under the name Budmen Industries, produced 50 of the shields using seven printers.

Onondaga County Executive Ryan McMahon gave the couple a big shout-out during his daily update on the coronavirus pandemic.

Budmen said he and Keefe got to work designing the shields as soon as soon as they heard the county was planning to open a site in the city where people could go to be tested for the coronavirus. They figured the county would need face shields for the safety or workers performing the tests, he said.

He said:

“My partner Stephanie and I put our heads together and we put together a CAD (computer-aided design) model of a version would could make on our 3D printers.”

A 3D-printed face shields for COVID-19
The shields consist of a plastic visor. That’s the part that the couple make on their printers. They cut and attach the part that covers the face from clear polyethylene sheeting. That part can be easily replaced if the county does not want to sterilize the shields daily, he said.

The 3D Face Shield files are available for download on the company'swebsite. Package includes 3D models, templates and assembly instructions. If other operators are willing to produce 3D face shields for health care workers battling COVID-19 they are invited to register so Budmen can connect them with a health care facility in need.