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3D printers to the UK high street

News International-French

16 Jul 2013

At £699.99, the printer is affordable for the average consumer and doesn't take up much more space than an inkjet printer.

The Velleman K8200 is a build it yourself 3D printer kit for everyone. It's very easy to use, and helps people to turn their ideas into real stuff that they can hold, like toys, mugs, product prototypes, and replacement parts.


How does it do that?

It builds up material to create a real object. It melts plastic filament, then draws with it in a very fine layer. It then builds another fine layer of plastic on top of this one, and then another, and another, building client idea in slices from the bottom up until he has a plastic object ready to hold and use.

What can customer make?

As long as the piece fits into the K8200 print area, customer are limited only by their imagination! Some people make robots, planes, mugs, doorknobs, dog toys, dog tags, real shoes, phone cases, floating bath toys, napkin rings, androids, linked bracelets, chess pieces, cathedrals (very small ones though), gnomes.... and much much more! Any piece will start as a 3D model, which is then printed by the K8200.

What colours can be used?

The cartridges that work come in different colours: white, black, ... Customer can use one colour at a time while printing. To get a multicoloured creation, they can print it in separate pieces and attach them together later. It is not possible to swap the cartridge in the middle of a print.

How long does it take to print?

The print time is proportional to the size and complexity of the creation. An average smartphone case will take about 30 minutes to print.