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3D printing: a manufacturing revolution

News International-French

14 Jun 2012

JEC Asia 2012 - With almost everyone exploring ways to minimize costs and maximize profitability, 3D printing technology offers a glimpse of a future based around a smaller, more agile productive capacity.

Objet’s advanced 3D printing systems and materials enable professionals to build prototypes that accurately simulate the true look, feel and function of an end-product, even complex assembled goods. Objet’s 3D printers are available in a range of form-factors, from cost-effective desktop machines ideal for entry-level professionals all the way to industrial-scale multi-material machines for front-line designers and top manufacturers.


The 3D printers feature high-resolution 3D printing quality, based on 16-micron super-thin layering, wide material versatility, office friendliness and ease of operation. The models produced on these 3D printers feature smooth surfaces and excellent fine-detail accuracy. Walls, for example, can be printed as thin as 0.6mm depending on geometry. Objet uses a raster process to produce photopolymer models.


This offers an important productivity advantage. Because the machines build in slices rather than point-by-point, several different material models can be created at once, in the time it takes other technologies to produce just one. This, in combination with high-speed mechanical movement, makes dramatic reductions in build times possible



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