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3D Printing meets the design of the future

News International-French

1 Apr 2013

It’s time for generative design with unique masks produced through 3D Printing and Windform materials.

People' faces are scanned through a sensor and acquired in a digital environment. The software application written by the Italian designers of Do The Mutation, generates customized masks for each person.
The masks are produced as unique pieces through 3D Printing and Windform materials.
Windform LX 2.0 is the material chosen for this state-of-the-art application of generative design and it is a black polyamide-based material reinforced with glass fiber used in high performance fields from motorsport to aerospace industry.

Windform LX 2.0 is aesthetically pleasant, able to preserve in time the chromatic features, showing important mechanical characteristics that allow to create highly complex geometries avoiding the risk of breakings or deformations. The feeling on the skin is nice, allowing for a long-lasting dressing.