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3D pultruded profiles widen fields of applications

News International-French

7 Mar 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Currently, pultrusion is the only real series production process for fibre-reinforced parts comparable to the known processes for metal parts. Until 2009, the major drawback was its limitation to straight profiles.

With the award-winning Radius pultrusion process (JEC show 2010 and 2011), Thomas Technik was able to overcome this limitation for two-dimensional curves. At the JEC Show 2012, the company presents three-dimensional curved profiles to a wider public. Fields of application range from coil springs and vertical-axis wind turbines to hose and tube reinforcement. Radius pultrusion has similar speed and properties as the standard pultrusion process.


An additional advantage of the process is its ability to create straight and curved profiles with very precise tailored reinforcements. As the pulling forces are compensated by the process design, not only 0°, mats and 0/90° woven reinforcements but also +/- 45° and other multiaxial layered or woven reinforcements can be processed with high precision.



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