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3M launched a light polyurethane foam to replace the plywood

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7 Aug 2012

3M has developed a light corrosion resistant polyurethane foam material used to replace the plywood.

This kind of glass fiber reinforced polyurethane foam is applied to high strength applications, including marine, transportation and general building. It is 30-60% lighter than plywood in weight.


Glass fiber reinforced polyurethane foam has five densities optional from 15 pounds per cubic foot to 26 pounds (6.8-11.8 kg) range. According to 3M, this foam board is unlike the plywood which would appear crack or pop-up loosening problems in the construction process. This foam board can use tools for easily forming, and then screw it on the substrate.


At present, the plywood is used in many application areas. However, the plywood would be degraded under the influence in the water for long time. 3M reinforced polyurethane foam is can last much longer and lighter.


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