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4th Annual Conference dedicated to Agro-materials, Technical Fibers and Ecocomposites in Europe

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19 Oct 2011

The Aisne Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Picardy) will host its 4th Annual Conference dedicated to Agro-materials, Technical Fibers and Ecocomposites in Europe on Tuesday the 6th of December 2011 in Saint-Quentin.

This event is organized in partnership with the 3 French competitiveness clusters: IAR (Industry and Agro-Resources), I-TRANS (Rail industry) and UP-tex (technical fibers).

Each year, more and more managers and experts take part in this event in order to find out more about the latest advanced techniques and the market opportunities in this field, with the contribution and testimonials of specialists from the whole of Europe.

The conference will focus on two main areas :

 -       Round-tables dedicated to market topics :

  • The aim of the 1st round-table is to understand the constraints of managing natural resources (hemp, flax…) in Europe and the impact of socio-economical challenges.
  • The aim of the 2nd round-table is to determine what motivates certain big European industrial companies to enter these markets, despite the constraints.

-       Technical Workshops :

  • « Building and performance »
    • The increasing use of vegetable fibers in building helps to improve energy performance in buildings. The objective of this workshop is to focus on the performances levels of these new products and their capacity to find their place in a complex and strictly controlled market sector.
  • « Health and fonctionnalization »
    • The aim of the workshop is to discuss new ways of fighting nosocomial infections, the ageing of the population, the development of new viruses, the resistance to antibiotics linked to the massive use of drugs… The antibacterial war has become a major issue. But new antibiotics haven’t been discovered for 20 years. Are the bio-sourced materials a real solution?
  • «  Transports and recycling »
    • Approximately one point five million vehicles reach the end of their life cycle every year in France. The European 2000/53/EC directive on end-of-life vehicles (ELV) aims to reach 85% of re-use and recycling no later than the 1st of January 2015 (measured as a percentage of average weight per vehicle per year). In what way can agro-materials and technical fibers help to meet these objectives when used in the manufacturing of automobiles and other terrestrial transport ?

Special care is taken to maintain the balance in the number of representatives from industry, research and technical fields taking part in the round tables and the technical workshops.

A full English / French simultaneous translation service will be provided.