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500 tons high-performance resin project in Jiangxi province starts soon

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23 Feb 2012

Jiujiang Special Rubber Co., Limited annual output 500 tons of high-performance polyaryl ether sulfone ether ketone ketone (PESEKK) resin project submitted by Jiujiang City Development and Reform Commission has been approved to be filed in the archive by Jiangxi Province Development and Reform Commission.

The main project construction is an annual output 500 tons high-performance PESEKK resin production line and the supporting 300 tons high purity monomer DPODPS production line, a set equipment of resin grinding, impurity refining, distilling, rectifying, waste catalyst neutralization aluminum hydroxide and ammonium chloride recycling and resin hot and cool processing and others , one PESEKK and monomers quality control laboratory, with a total investment of 63.05 million Yuan for the purchase of 90 sets of equipment, of which 28.05 million Yuan raised by the company, 35 million Yuan from bank loans.


The construction site is located in Penzer Industrial Park Jiangxi Province and the construction period is 26 months.


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