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5D Composite Inc. develops a new in-mold decorating system for composite products

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2 May 2013

This patent pending technology allows to produce products impossible to fabricate by any other existing known technology. The computer controlled process uses fiberglass and resin to create unlimited product/part shapes.

5D Composite Inc. sets the new standard for in-mold coating and decoration. Our process provides an end finish that realistically resembles wood, marble, granite and several other computer generated patterns--even personal logos. We are able to finish any composite fiber glass part with any color or graphic. This groundbreaking technology is now available for world wide applications.

Some of the benefits of the 5D In-Mold Decoration Systems are:

  • costs for molds and tooling are relatively low
  • technique is easily adapted to short production runs
  • hollow, totally enclosed items as well as pieces with openings can be made
  • intricate undercuts are possible
  • plastic or metal inserts can often be molded as integral parts of the item
  • uniform or varying wall thickness is possible
  • double-wall construction
  • molding inserts can be included
  • reinforcing ribs
  • core materials are incorporated as required  
  • excellent durability and appearance
  • available in a variety of colors and textures
  • a clean process, zero environmental damage
  • increased production efficiency due to the unique co-cure process

Uniqueness of Our Process
We have developed a user friendly, environmentally safe, consistent quality process. When the part is removed from the mold it is finished ready for use. The finished part has a super smooth durable coating that is part of the composite structure.

Our surface 5D coating technology is integrated with the technology of curing the composite part in the mold; therefore requiring no cure ovens or solvents eliminating popping or blistering of the coating. The surface coating cures together with the glass and resin composite.

The quality and final appearance of the product is determined by the surface of the mold as well as by type and quality of coating materials. Clear or metallic finish is possible.

Coating properties can be adjusted by type and amount of pigments, additives and fillers.

This 5D coating technology can be used to produce windows, doors, handrails, columns, wall panels, furniture and accessories, whenever you would like to upgrade your products.

About 5D Composite Inc.:
5D Composite Inc. is a Florida corporation. The owner of the company have been in the composite  market for over a decade. 5D Composite Inc. has grown because we take you and your business seriously as our customer.  As a supplier of in-mold decorating technology, we view you as special and we will treat you as partners in working to supply you with innovative solutions to your composite needs. We understand the importance of getting the job done right the first time and making sure you’re satisfied. In short, you can rely on us to provide you with the most advanced solutions to your products and decoration needs.

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