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80,000 tons WPC materials project ready to go in China

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23 Feb 2012

Accord to Internet, Hunan Tianyun Biotechnology Group Co., Ltd. annual output 80,000 tons WPC (Wood-Plastic Composites) materials project located in Hunan Yuanjiang Economic Development Zone with 529 employees, total 248 million Yuan project investment, of which project investment 201.275 million Yuan, land area 122,827 m2.

The environmental impact report has been completed.

Project in line with national industrial policy, in line with environmental protection function zoning, site selection and layout are reasonable, economic and social efficiency is good, as long as the effective implementation of various pollution control measures proposed in the design and the EIA and management measures to achieve cleaner production standard discharge the efflux pollutants impact on the environment is not obvious, make the region's environmental quality has basically maintain the status quo, from the environmental point of view, the project site and construction is feasible.


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