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Abaris composites training partnership

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9 Jul 2014

Abaris has formed a new partnership with Banbury and Bicester College to offer advanced composite structural repair training in the UK.

Under this partnership, Abaris continues to offer state-of-the-art composite training courses to its customers from the UK, Europe, the Pacific Rim, and Middle-Eastern countries with easy access to the UK.

Abaris has been offering advanced composite manufacturing and repair training in the UK since 2005. This training had previously been held at the former Oxford and Cherwell Valley College under the Heatcon-Abaris banner. In the recently formed partnership, Abaris teamed up directly with the school, which was recently renamed Banbury and Bicester College, with classes to be held in the Motorsport Engineering centre in Bicester.

The current menu of course offerings includes the popular Advanced Composite Structures: Fabrication & Damage Repair-Phase I course, as well as the more advanced repair courses such as the Advanced Composite Structures: Damage Repair-Phase II & Phase 3 courses. There are two rounds of the Phase I & II classes and one round of the Phase III class scheduled for the remainder of 2014.

All registrations will be handled directly through the Banbury and Bicester College system. Participants are encouraged to enroll through the college website through the links provided following this announcement.