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ACF 2-component cartridge system for adhesives

News International-French

23 Feb 2016

JEC World 2016 - With the introduction of the ACF cartridge range, Ritter GmbH takes another important step ahead to meet the specific requirement of the industrial market for safe, reliable and easy to use 2-component adhesive packaging solutions and mixing nozzles.

ACF – the name says it all: air-free, cross-contamination-free cartridges.

The ACF system features a coded cartridge-closure cap junction, i.e. a coded cartridge mixing nozzle interface for the prevention of any cross-contamination. Together with the separated parallel outlet bores, the coding ensures safe flow through the outlet with the two components getting into contact in the mixing nozzle only.

The ACF cartridges are complemented by helical mixing nozzles and by the specifically developed innovative ORBIS mixing nozzles which, as a result of their geometry, combine perfect mixing with reduced dead spot and less pressure drop. Initially, the ACF cartridge range comprises 6 new cartridges (200-490 ml) together with 8 new mixing nozzles for virtually all structural bonding applications.

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