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ACG demonstrates its advanced prepregs

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5 Oct 2011

ACG will exhibit a range of technologies and applications among which: a 3-piece composite mould tool suite, a range of motorcycle components produced and toughened, 80 to 120°C curing epoxy matrices.

Advanced Composites Group Ltd (ACG), a member of Umeco Composites Structural Materials (UCSM) – a division of Umeco plc, will be exhibiting on the Umeco Composites Stand No.D18 in Pavilion 6 at the JEC Asia 2011 exhibition in Singapore between the 18th and 20th of October.


ACG will exhibit a range of technologies and applications, the first of which will be a 3-piece composite mould tool suite featuring a CNC-machined master model manufactured from ACG’s TB750 syntactic tooling block, a carbon fibre reinforced mould tool manufactured using ACG’s low temperature moulding LTM®217 tooling prepreg, and a finished component made using ACG’s carbon fibre reinforced prepregs. This display will provide a clear insight into the methods used for making mould tools for composite part production.


Displaying its expertise in the formulation of customised, high strength, special visual quality (SVQ) component materials, ACG will exhibit a range of motorcycle components produced by motorcycle parts manufacturer Blackstone Tek (BST) of South Africa. BST, already well versed in the application of ACG’s materials, selected the Group’s MTM®57 medium temperature moulding carbon prepregs for these autoclave processed SVQ structural parts.


ACG’s MTM®57 Series resins are toughened, 80 to 120°C curing epoxy matrices offering flexible processing and a range of handling characteristics. These resins can be supplied on a range of reinforcements and are available in standard prepreg and ACG ZPREG® partially impregnated formats. MTM®57 resins exhibit excellent toughness and, after a suitable cure, can be used at temperatures up to 90°C.


ACG’s team will be on hand to talk you through the Group’s products and services, and discuss your requirements.


ACG will be co-exhibiting with JD Lincoln and GRPMS (UCSM companies) and Richmond Aerovac and IPM, both members of Umeco Composites Process Materials (UCPM).


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