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Acquisition of Fibrelogic by RPC Pipe Systems

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20 Jul 2011

In June 2011 RPC Technologies Pty Ltd and Nuplex Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd established a joint venture to acquire the business and assets of Fibrelogic Pty Ltd.The joint venture company is RPC Pipe Systems Pty Limited and will be headquartered in Lonsdale, South Australia.

Tony Caristo, Managing Director of RPC Technologies Pty Ltd and of RPC Pipe Systems Pty Ltd said about this acquisition : « On behalf of RPC Technologies Pty Ltd, I am pleased to announce that the Sale & Purchase Agreements have been concluded between Fibrelogic Pipe Systems and RPC Pipe Systems Pty Ltd (a new joint venture between RPC Technologies and Nuplex Industries), for the acquisition of the business assets. Settlement and takeover was effective as from 23 June 2011. »


« The acquisition of Fibrelogic marks a milestone for RPC Technologies, by significantly increasing our composites capacity and capabilities, and improving our product offering within the piping and industrial markets. The synergies between Fibrelogic Pipe Systems and RPC Technologies are complementary, and it is with this view that we foresee a strong working relationship for the benefit of all. We are extremely excited about the potential business opportunities which lie ahead of us. »



The Fibrelogic Acquisition


In June 2011 RPC Technologies Pty Ltd (‘RPC Technologies’) and Nuplex Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd (‘Nuplex’) established a joint venture to acquire the business and assets of Fibrelogic Pty Ltd (‘Fibrelogic’). The joint venture company is RPC Pipe Systems Pty Limited (‘RPC Pipe Systems’) and will be headquartered in Lonsdale, South Australia.


RPC Pipe Systems will acquire the business and assets of Fibrelogic Pipe Systems on a cash free and debt free basis. The acquisition includes (inter alia):

  • The Fibrelogic personnel and employee entitlements
  • The Fibrelogic brand and trademarks
  • Plant and equipment (unencumbered)
  • Saleable finished goods, stock and inventory
  • Transfer of the Amiantit and Flowtite exclusive manufacturing and support licences

The acquisition specifically excludes (inter alia) the land and buildings housing Fibrelogic’s operations. These will be leased by RPC Pipe Systems as part of the business sale agreement.


Business Plans – South Australia:

The Fibrelogic, RPC Technologies and Nuplex businesses are remarkably complementary. The RPC Pipe Systems joint venture involving RPC Technologies and Nuplex, and the acquisition of the Fibrelogic business by this new joint venture company, draws together the key players in the GRP piping market in Australia.


Fibrelogic has sizeable growth and development opportunities that are likely to be of greater value through the combining the respective capabilities in RPC Pipe Systems. However, with significant new water and waste water management and Mining expansion opportunities becoming available in South Australia (e.g. Olympic Dam Project), as well as in other areas throughout Australia in the coming years, RPC Pipe Systems foresees considerable scope for longer term growth.


Supplementing Fibrelogic’s continuous winding GRP pipe manufacturing capabilities with RPC Technologies’ heavy industry GRP fabrication engineering and Nuplex’s supply capabilities, presents a unique service proposition of immense benefit to the Australian market.


Combining Nuplex’s diversified and substantial global interests with RPC Technologies’ broader GRP manufacturing and fabrication interests in defence and public transport industries provide further opportunities of direct relevance and significance to South Australia and to longer term manufacturing, technological development and employment in the State.



About RPC Pipe Systems Pty Ltd

Fibrelogic is Australia’s leading manufacturer of continuously wound glass reinforced plastic (‘GRP’) piping. Through its manufacturing and support licence with Amiantit (including the Flowtite brand), the world’s most respected continuous wound piping technology, it produces market leading products from its state of the art manufacturing facilities in Lonsdale, South Australia.


By acquiring the business and assets of Fibrelogic, RPC Pipe Systems will be one of the leading players in the Australian GRP piping market. Benefits from the transaction include:

  • A stronger organisation with the ability to pursue operational efficiencies.
  • Expanded business opportunities reflecting the new owners’ considerable experience, scope and size within the Australian manufacturing industry.
  • Strengthened financial position following investment of new and additional capital from the stakeholders, who are committed to seeing the Fibrelogic business deliver on its significant potential.

Company Profile:

RPC Pipe Systems is a South Australian company owned and controlled by way of joint venture between RPC Technologies and Nuplex. RPC Pipe Systems will have a strong Balance Sheet as well as access to managerial, technical, financial and other support from its joint venture stakeholders. RPC Pipe Systems acquired the business and assets of Fibrelogic in 2011 and will continue to operate that business under the Fibrelogic and Flowtite brands from its current manufacturing facilities in Lonsdale. RPC Pipe Systems will continue to employ all skilled staff and will maintain its continuous wound GRP pipe and fittings manufacturing facilities in South Australia.


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 About RPC Technologies Pty Ltd

RPC Technologies Pty Ltd is Australia’s premier designer and manufacturer of quality fibre composite products, with world leading engineering expertise in heavy industrial fabrication in fibreglass.


RPC Technologies stands for excellence and innovation in delivering engineered solutions to the industrial (water and waste management), transport, defence and mining, oil and gas sectors in Australia and overseas.


The RPC Technologies and Fibrelogic businesses are remarkably complementary, with Fibrelogic being a highly capable manufacturer of continuous wound GRP piping, and with RPC being Australia’s leading heavy industrial GRP fabricator of water and waste water management systems.


Fibrelogic and RPC Technologies have evolved largely in tandem, and have often collaborated on major projects in relation to water and waste water management supply, engineering and/or manufacturing support. Thus, this a natural evolution of the business.


In combination, Fibrelogic and RPC Technologies present a formidable competitive force capable of substantially boosting manufacturing capabilities, technological development and employment for the company in South Australia.


Whilst water and waste water management would naturally continue to serve as the primary manufacturing focus, RPC Technologies’ interests in relation to defence (e.g. Australian Submarine Corporation), public transport and component manufacturing, brings added dimension and opportunity to South Australia.


Company Profile:

RPC Technologies is a private Australian company. It was originally acquired from Transfield Constructions by way of management buyout in 2002, the same year Fibrelogic was formed. RPC Technologies then acquired Transform (2004) and Permaglass (2007); also from Fibrelogic).


Key shareholders include ACE International Holdings Pte Ltd (controlled by Dr Vitoon Vivatrat) and RPC Australia Pty Ltd and TransExec Pty Ltd (both owned and controlled by RPC Technologies Directors and Management).


RPC employs over 400 skilled staff with manufacturing facilities in Newcastle (2), Sydney, Geelong and Batam (Indonesia) as well as sales and other representative offices in Singapore and Thailand. Joint venture, reciprocal support and other supply arrangements have been established with leading GRP and GRE manufacturers.



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About Nuplex Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd

Nuplex Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of Nuplex Industries Limited. In Australia, Nuplex is a leading manufacturer of adhesives, construction products, paper and composite resins. It is also a leading distributor of raw materials and specialty chemicals to the plastics, general industrial, food and pharmaceutical industries.


As the foremost supplier of materials to the composites industry in Australia, Nuplex develops, owns and uses world class resin technologies and processes. As a major supplier of raw materials to Fibrelogic and RPC Technologies, Nuplex has natural and long standing synergies with both organizations.


Reflecting its commitment to the Australian composites and manufacturing industry, Nuplex sees considerable value in the demand outlook for GRP piping, particularly given the long term outlook for infrastructure activity. Given Nuplex’s long standing and well respected position in the Australian manufacturing industry, Nuplex brings financial strength and commercial experience to the joint venture company.


Company Profile:

Nuplex Industries Limited is a leading global manufacturer of polymer resins. Having commenced operations in New Zealand in 1952, Nuplex currently has manufacturing operations spread throughout 10 different countries within Australasia, America, Asia and Europe, with approximately 1,700 employees.


Polymer resins are essential ingredients in a wide range of products used every day, from basic necessities through to consumer durables and luxury goods. In Australasia, in addition to manufacturing polymer resins, it also distributes raw materials to the chemical, plastics, general industrial, food and pharmaceutical industries.


Nuplex Industries Limited is listed on the Australian and New Zealand stock exchanges. Through solid organic growth and successful strategic acquisitions, Nuplex has moved to a position of market leadership in Australia and New Zealand. Nuplex’s long term success has been built on a culture that is focused on providing solutions to their customers through innovative high quality products.



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