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Acralock primerless structural MMA adhesive range

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27 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - The new patented Acralock MMA structural adhesive product range by Engineered Bonding Solutions offers a solution for primerless structural bonding assemblies.

The product can be use for all assembling procedures, where the right balance between strength, durability, chemical and temperature resistance combined with as less surface preparation as possible and with as fast room temperature cure as possible is the major issue.

Acralock structural adhesives are the only ones on the market that offer a pure MMA technology family which gives a pure MMA product range to cover all structural bonding applications with a primerless structural bonding technology, from high flexibility (400% E) / low strength (6 MPa) requirements, to substitute flexible 2-component polyurethane systems, over medium flexibility (100-250% E) / medium strength (10-20 MPa) requirements, to substitute 2-component polyurethane systems and classic 10:1 MMA systems, to low flexibility (30-80% E) / high strength (20-35 MPa) requirements, to substitute 2-component epoxy systems and classic 1:1 MMA systems.

This behaviour, combined with higher peel resistance than PUs and epoxies, creep resistance similar to that of epoxies, much higher fatigue resistance than PUs and epoxies, high chemical and thermal resistance and Kata plasma cycle test resistance on most metal surfaces, results in an outperforming unique structural assembly system.

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