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Adaptive Corporation signs with Markforged to resell 3D carbon fiber based printers

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31 Oct 2016

Adaptive Corporation announces it has joined the Markforged Partner Program to resell their advanced 3D carbon fiber-based printers. Markforged offers a 3D printers that embed continuous fiber into printed carbon and nylon for an end-use composite part with the strength of metal.

Adaptive Corporation signs with Markforged to resell 3D carbon fiber based printers

As the first PLM Solution Partner with Markforged, Adaptive extends its “physical” 3D Scanning services to now include 3D printing to support reverse engineering, prototyping, and on-the-fly replacement parts applications. What is special about Markforged is they offer an desktop 3D printer to suit various applications where strong durable parts are needed, and are suitable for functional testing and end-user parts. Markforged also recently launched an industrial scale 3D printer, the Mark X, which increases the print size and includes in-process inspection and additional precision features.

Frank Thomas, Vice President of Metrology Solutions, Adaptive Corporation, says:

“Adaptive’s focus is helping our customers connect virtual design to the physical world,”

“Working with Markforged allows us to offer affordable 3D printing solutions to our customers who are looking to create mold, tooling and die parts in-house. In addition, many companies need more durable parts for prototyping and preproduction. We believe Markforged is the future of 3D printing.”

Greg Mark, Founder and CEO, Markforged:

“We are pleased to have Adaptive Corporation as part of our partner community,” “Adaptive’s focus is in alignment with what we are pursuing, which to help customers create incredibly strong, production-ready parts right off the printer.  Manufacturers are looking for quality 3D printing solutions that can help get products to market faster.  We look forward to working with Adaptive and enabling their customers to help them accelerate their go-to-market plans with new products or address existing production gaps with our 3D printing capabilities.”