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Additives for composites

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25 Feb 2015

JEC Europe 2015 - Innovative products from Lehmann & Voss

Luvogard FC non-halogenated flame-retardant additives
Luvogard FC is a synergistic mixture of organo-phosphorous and nitrogen-based derivatives developed especially as flame retardants that enhances the effectiveness of thermosetting resins through a variety of mechanisms including intumescence, thereby forming isolated charring. In addition, Luvogard FC works in combination with the heat sink principle and the formation of non-combustible gases in the situation of fire. Its unique chemistry and structure allows for usage in closed- and open-mould systems. Clear, liquid, viscosity-reducing systems or ATH-reducing, lightweight powder formulations are available for various needs.

Luvotrent TL internal mould release additives
Luvotrent TL is a range of proprietary formulations of unique polymeric compounds and organic esters engineered for today’s new complex thermosetting resins and polymer systems. Their addition allows for faster cycles, easy mould release, improved flow characteristics, reduced resin viscosity, improved dispersion of pigments/fillers, bettering of surface and reduced wear and tear on dies and tools.

Luvatine VC wetting, dispersing and viscosity-reducing agents
These agents are a cost-effective solution for problems related to wetting and dispersion of fillers and pigments which repeatedly arise during the manufacture of open- and closed-mould thermosetting compounds.

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