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Adhesives from Dow Automotive Systems for bonding heterogeneous lightweight materials support E-mobility

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21 Feb 2012

Dow Automotive Systems is the project partner for adhesives in the “Light-eBody“ project for bonding heterogeneous body components together. Initiated and funded by the German Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung, the joint research project will develop new lightweight body concepts for future electric vehicles.

In recent years, Dow Automotive Systems already supported several R&D projects with the company’s considerable know how in bonding technologies. Since the introduction of bonded windshields in the early 1970’s and first bonded body structures, Dow Automotive Systems has always been a reliable and innovative partner for all aspects of bonding technologies.


And with the developing e-mobility, bonding technologies are becoming more and more important. In the beginning, bonding has been a safety solution in the first place, as bonded body structures provide a longer lifetime cycle and improve the absorption of crash energies. Nowadays, bonding of lightweight structures have become ever more important. This is due to the increasing use of heterogeneous materials which quite often can’t be joined in a traditional way. Thus, bonding technologies support the essential material compounding for lightweight concepts to reach a higher mileage and saving battery costs.


For lightweight bonding, mainly Betamate and Betaforce adhesives are used, which can be delivered with several formula characteristics. In the future, new MMA adhesives will complement the company’s portfolio.


Betamate: Epoxy adhesive for metal bonding are very cost effective and provide special mechanical and corrosion resistant properties.

Betaforce: This PU adhesive with prolonged working times, quick adhesion, and little surface preparation requirements, is especially suitable for sandwich panel structures and composite bonding.

MMA Adhesives don’t need extensive surface preparation and offer a perfect balance between working and curing times.



About Dow Automotive Systems

Dow Automotive Systems is a leading provider of polyurethanes, elastomers, films, fluids, adhesives, emissions solutions and acoustic-management materials to the global transportation industry. By working collaboratively with passenger vehicle, commercial transportation and aftermarket customers, Dow Automotive Systems is developing industry-leading solutions to address a wide range of critical market needs – increasing energy efficiency, improving safety and health, reducing exhaust emissions and enhancing vehicle quality and appeal.


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