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Adhesives mix/meter dispense system

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10 Mar 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - After a year of testing and field trials, Magnum Venus Products is introducing a new, compact and precise adhesives mix/meter dispense system: the Patriot 10:1 Adhesives System. 

Some of the highlights of this new system include: most accurate and reliable metering system available, Patriot precision, ergonomic, user friendly, and is ideal to make durable products. This compact system is perfect for shops that have limited space, and the centralized controls give the operator a greater level of control over the entire process.

Released last year, the Talon Gun has been taking the market. From advanced value technology to limiting the number of parts, the Talon Gun has proved its worth at multiple installations around the world, including Malibu Boats Australia, where it greatly increased the efficiency of production. The Talon Gun features long lasting durability, consistent flow and advanced valve technology.

At the stand, MVP will also conduct live demonstrations of a multi-axis filament winding system. The demonstration unit on display will show the control and versatility of the Multi-Wind family of filament winders, which includes three different models with integrated pumping systems and monitoring, collapsible mandrels and multiple mandrel drive options.

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