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ADVALITE™ - Novel monomer free resins for composite radomes

News International-French

26 Feb 2014

Sponsored News - Reichhold launches novel monomer free hot melt vinyl hybrid prepreg resin for use in composite radomes.

Reichhold offers a range of monomer free hot melt vinyl hybrid prepreg resins for use in aerospace, space, defence, and automotive applications.

Reichhold developed the ADVALITE™ Vinyl Hybrid hot melt prepreg resin chemistry utilizing a free radical mechanism for curing with low VOC for use in hot-melt prepregs used in the manufacture of composite Radomes. The chemistry has demonstrated properties superior to standard epoxies and approaching those of cyanate esters.

The Composite Radome market is expanding based on the proliferation of both military and civilian unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Depending on the type and class, some UAVs require multiple radomes. Productivity limitations, based on current chemistries related to long cure rate and post curing, become a limitation on generating lower cost Radome solutions. In an effort to generate lower cost solutions, a novel monomer free vinyl hybrid hot melt prepreg resin based on free radical curing was developed that allows for room temperature prepreg storage and faster cure rates.

Composite Radomes are designed for transmission efficiency. Characteristics important to transmission efficiency are; low dielectric constants (Dk), low loss tangents (Df), and low moisture absorption, which result in low resistance to electrical energy and allow for increased efficiency from the antenna. Materials used for the manufacture of composite Radomes consist of woven fabrics made from either fiberglass or low-loss, low-dielectric organic fibers such as polyethylene or polypropylene combined with a thermoset resin. Resin systems best suited for Radomes also exhibit characteristics necessary for good radar transmission; low Dk, low Df and low moisture absorption.

Reichhold will give a presentation on our monomer free hot melt vinyl hybrid composite radomes resins on March 12th at 12.00 pm at the Technical Sales Presentations session at JEC, Paris. Booth: Q72-7.3. This paper will document the mechanical properties, electrical properties and moisture absorption rate of this novel chemistry as compared to standard accelerated dicyanamide-cured epoxy and cyanate ester resin, and demonstrate the economic advantage of its use in the manufacture of commercial Radomes.

About Reichhold:
Reichhold is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of unsaturated polyester resins and has manufacturing operations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
With over 85 years of experience Reichhold is well positioned to support the composites market with dependability, quality, advanced material systems and technical support expertise. Reichhold offers the broadest global manufacturing presence to produce a complete line of resin products, gel coats and bonding paste under the trade names POLYLITE®, DION®, HYDREX®, ENVIROLITE®, ADVALITE™ and NORPOL®