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ADVALITE - Vinyl hybrid resins for automotive composite applications

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5 Mar 2014

Sponsored News - Reichhold launches novel vinyl hybrid liquid and monomer free hot melt prepreg resins for use in automotive composite applications. 

Reichhold offers a range of vinyl hybrid liquid and monomer free hot melt prepreg resins for use in aerospace, space, defence, and automotive applications.

ADVALITE vinyl hybrids resins exhibit good mechanical properties and temperature resistance up to 200ºC. These resins are cured using standard free radical initiators and inhibitors. This allows significant processing advantages as compared to epoxy resins with the ability to independently vary the gel and cure times. Prepreg composites produced using ADVALITE vinyl hybrids hot melt prepreg resin can be stored at room temperature for 12 months and can be snap cured at 120-150ºC.

The first commercial automotive application of the ADVALITE vinyl hybrids liquid resin is in a composite floorboard for a 2014 model year vehicle. The composite floorboards are molded by Molded Fiber Glass Companies (MFG), Ashtabula, Ohio using the ADVALITE vinyl hybrids technology. The composite is composed of plastic foam sandwiched between fiberglass mats and liquid molded at elevated temperature. The free radical cure mechanism allows for excellent balance between gel and cure times at both room temperature and elevated temperatures. The rapid curing resulted in a significant cycle time reduction as compared to epoxy resins.

The ADVALITE vinyl hybrids monomer free hot melt resins can be used in fiberglass and carbon fiber prepregs for application in automotive structural composites. Prepregs produced using the ADVALITE vinyl hybrids technology can either be adhesive filmed or directly coated to the reinforcements. The free radical cure mechanism allows for extended room temperature storage while delivering snap cures at elevated temperatures. When compared to epoxy resins ADVALITE vinyl hybrids' rapid rate of cure permits significantly reduced production cycle times. Additionally, in automotive headspace testing the cured laminate was demonstrated to be VOC-free.

Reichhold will give a presentation on our ADVALITE vinyl hybrids liquid and hot melt resins in automotive applications on March 12th at 16:00 at the Technical Sales Presentations session at JEC, Paris. Booth Q72-7.3

About Reichhold:
Reichhold is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of unsaturated polyester resins and has manufacturing operations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Asia.
With over 85 years of experience Reichhold is well positioned to support the composites market with dependability, quality, advanced material systems and technical support expertise. Reichhold offers the broadest global manufacturing presence to produce a complete line of resin products, gel coats and bonding paste under the trade names POLYLITE, DION, HYDREX, ENVIROLITE, ADVALITE and NORPOL.