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Advanced Composites Group achieves a ‘First in the World’ with Nadcap approval

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14 Sep 2011

The Division of Umeco plc, is the first company in the world to go through a pilot audit and be granted Nadcap approval for composite prepreg manufacture to AC 7124 and AC 7122R.

This accreditation follows the company’s achievement to be the first prepreg material supplier to attain ISO/TS16949 certification for its business activities in the automotive industry, and underpins its commitment to manufacture and deliver high quality products to demanding standards.


The Nadcap accreditation, gained through support from Airbus and BAe Systems, enhances the company’s existing AS9100 aerospace certification and further underlines its reputation for high quality products for the aerospace industry. ACG is also certificated for general operations activities to ISO 9001.


ACG manufactures polymer prepregs and composite tooling to very high standards, often exceeding market requirements. ACG puts a very strong emphasis on quality assurance, something which is considered as crucial to meeting customer’s needs in the company’s key markets. ACG’s approach to Total Quality Management is fundamental to the company’s continued success.


Jon Stowell, ACG Sales and Marketing Director, said:
“Our existing Aerospace certification already testified of the quality of our products. Attaining Nadcap certification further demonstrates that ACG’s composites prepreg manufacturing process and products are of a very high standard and showcase best practice in the industry. This embeds ACG as a key player in the Aerospace supply chain.”


About Nadcap
The leading worldwide co-operative program of major companies designed to manage a cost-effective consensus approach to special processes and products, and provide continual improvement within the aerospace and automotive industries "The Nadcap vision is to “develop a world-class special processor supply-base for the global aerospace industry using a cost-effective industry managed accreditation process”. Without successful teamwork built on mutually trusting relationships, the Nadcap program simply would not have the fuel to make its vision a reality. Here’s to coming together, sharing together, working together, and succeeding together." - Chetan Date, NMC Past Chairperson


About Advanced Composites Group (ACG)
ACG is a manufacturer of advanced composites materials and components. ACG specialises in the manufacture of high performance composite materials for a diverse range of industries such as motorsport, aerospace, marine, automotive, construction, wind energy and leisure sports. The main focus of the Group's business, which operates through four divisions, is the manufacture of prepregs for components and tooling. ACG has manufacturing operations in Heanor and Manchester in the UK, and Tulsa in the USA. The Group is managed from its head office in Heanor and employs around 400 world-wide.


About Umeco
Umeco is an international provider of advanced composite materials primarily to the aerospace & defence, wind energy, recreation and automotive industries. Revenue from continuing operations to 31 March 2011 was £207.4 million and these operations had 863 employees in manufacturing and distribution operations in the UK, Europe and the USA.


Umeco is managed through two continuing business streams:
– Structural Materials – development, manufacture and supply of advanced composite materials; and
– Process Materials – development, manufacture and supply of vacuum bagging materials.

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