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Advances in emission control technologies

News International-French

24 Feb 2014

JEC Europe 2014 - Anguil Environmental has custom-designed two air pollution control technologies specifically for the composite and carbon fibre industries.

As is the case with many industrial manufacturing operations, emissions are best destroyed through the use of thermal oxidation technologies via high-temperature combustion. However, very few industries use custom solutions like the new abatement designs from Anguil.

The energy efficient operation and high destruction efficiency of the regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) make it a great emission control device for booths, ovens, furnaces and dryers. However, unique aspects of carbon fibre and composite processing dictate several RTO modifications in order to maintain system effectiveness, reliability and safety. Likewise, the direct-fired thermal oxidizer (DFTO) is a widely utilized combustion device but process pollutants from this industry require a multi-zone approach that limits the formation of additional pollutants during destruction.

Both Anguil designs – the RTO and multi-stage DFTO – incorporate unique design features that have recently been proven effective on carbon fibre and composite processing plants throughout the world. 

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