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AECpolymers structural adhesives big winners on La Route du Rhum 2014

News International-French

10 Dec 2014

Velox is delighted to announce the outstanding performance of the ocean-racing yachts participating in La Route du Rhum 2014.

Special mention goes to the trimaran ‘Arkema Région-Aquitaine’ which took a superb second place in the MULTI 50 class.

This vessel was constructed in Lalou Roucayrol’s own shipyard, the skipper of ‘Arkema Région Aquitaine’ who has 25 years of ocean-racing experience. The innovative trimaran was designed by yacht-builder Romaric Neyhousser, whose goal was to build a simple, reliable yacht on a limited production budget. His bet has paid off handsomely, as his design has proved rapid, agile and dependable.

All the methacrylate adhesives employed in this design were developed by AECpolymers (Arkema Group) and this technology has received an individual patent. These structural adhesives provide numerous advantages over other adhesives on the market, in particular epoxy adhesives, including speed and ease of use coupled with superior rupture resistance, without sacrificing very high mechanical performance.

The AECpolymers ranges of SAF structural adhesives and the Black Mamba adhesives and sealants were major components in the design and construction of this new generation of trimaran.