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AEL invests in epoxy injection pump

News International-French

18 Nov 2015

British composites engineering company Aviation Enterprises Ltd. (AEL) has announced its recent purchase of a state of the art Ciject RTM / VRTM epoxy injection pump.

The investment was made to satisfy increasing demand for AELs services as a manufacturer of highly cost-effective infused composite mouldings and structures, and serves to compliment its long-established prepreg moulding operation.

The new machine has yielded tangible benefits for AELs customers in the light aviation, marine and renewable energy sectors, offering higher fibre volume fractions, improved consistency and lower wastage than would otherwise be possible without recourse to prepreg.  It has also enabled AEL to make significant reductions in the labour required to produce large high quality tools from relatively low-cost plugs.

Additionally, AEL’s detailed materials library has been appropriately expanded, providing the engineering data necessary to underpin the design of new infused mouldings.

AEL serves aerospace, industrial, renewable & offshore sectors.  It offers an integrated service, with in house design, analysis, tooling, prototyping, testing & manufacture and welcomes novel and challenging projects.