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Aero Consultants announces presentation of newest Hard- and Software of Gunnar Cutters

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29 Feb 2012

JEC Europe 2012 - Aero Consultants AG, Naenikon, Switzerland announces that their partner for technical textile cutters, Swiss company Gunnar Weissenberger AG, will present its high speed cutting system at the 2012 JEC Europe show in Paris.

The fast and versatile TTC119 SCE system with 1300mm cutting width, conveyor belt and extension table for pickup, can be seen in action. New software packages for advanced and improved workflow integration according customers needs, will be presented. By manual or automatic nesting algorithms the amount of waste can be reduced drastically.


The new developed Digitizer Pen for the PDS pattern design software (idPRECAM) allows an easy acquisition of CAD data for already existing cutting shapes and templates. As a summary you can see the full range of Data-Flow: Data Acquisition via Pen - Adjustment in CAD - Nesting (Automatic & Manual) - Cutter control (cutting).


About Aero Consultants:

Aero Consultants AG primary activities are the sourcing and selling of a full range of composite related materials for the aerospace, automotive and other industries with lightweight applications. The Company offers advice, support and solutions for all issues related to the manufacturing of lightweight composite parts. Aero Consultants has, for many years, been the representative of a number of leading advanced composites material suppliers. A complete range of auxiliary materials for vacuum manufacturing techniques, structural materials, including adhesives, and a full range of surface treatment materials are provided.


Aero Consultants is both a service and logistic partner for all of the materials distributed by them. The Company owns large storage facilities and employs a team of fully trained and qualified personnel to guarantee full traceability and product quality.



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