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Aero Surveillance partners with Aero Composite Innovation for unmanned aircraft systems

News International-French

22 Apr 2014

Aero Surveillance announces a partnership with Aero Composites Innovations (ACInnov) to focus on advanced small and medium tactical fixed wing surveillance solutions.

The first system coming from the collaboration is Aero Surveillance AS 20 based on ACInnov R^2 rhomboid aircraft, a highly miniaturized ARDENT sensor suite and a portable Ground Control Station. The AS 20 is a 10 Kg Max Take Off Weight capable of up to 1.5 Hour endurance and up to 220 km/h speed for missions that require high speed operations.

Aero Surveillance (AS) is focused on the integration of state-of-the-art airborne surveillance solutions and services for a range of defense and commercial applications. Aero Surveillance core expertise resides in the ARDENT Software Suite and leverages extensive experience in manned and unmanned aircraft platform and advanced mission sensor technologies to deliver open, modular architectures that can be quickly adapted to a broad range of application requirements.

Aero Composites Innovations (ACInnov) is specialized in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned composite aircrafts from 1.5 to 8 meters wingspan. ACI’s dynamic team of experts thrives to push the traditional boundaries to create unique and innovative aircrafts.

Aero Surveillance is also actively working on integrating the ARDENT system on ACInnov’s larger and longer endurance aircraft.

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