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Aerospace composite material base established in Changxing Island

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14 Jan 2013

Project is jointly invested by Aerospace Research Institute of Materials & Processing Technology (ARIMPT) and SEAPO Group Co., Ltd.

The project mainly involves in high power offshore wind turbine blade large-scale industrialization. At the same time, the project will transform the aerospace high-tech in the applications in aerospace, aviation, navigation, high-speed rail, new energy car, and new materials industries. They strive to build the large composite equipment manufacturing base for the global market.


Previously, ARIMPT has completed the company registration in Changxing Island. The Asia's largest five axis linkage oversize CNC machining center has also been installed in place. It has filled the blank in Changxing Island City in the large composite mold and parts manufacturing capacity.


ARIMPT was founded in Beijing in 1957, built with advanced functional composite material technology Key Laboratory, resin matrix composite structure manufacturing technology research and Application Center, functional carbon fiber composite National Engineering Laboratory, aerospace testing and failure analysis center, aerospace composite component processing technology center, aerospace nondestructive testing technology, space technology center special welding technology center, space surface engineering technology center.


Since 2004, SEAPO entered the new field of the wind power energy. The company has been over 330 MW wind farm investment and installation, an annual output 1000 MW wind turbine blade manufacture factory, and the planning area of 10 square kilometres Dalian new energy Industry Park.


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