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Again to the Future: Epic EV to build composite bodies for electric Delorean

News International-French

6 Jan 2012

You might remember the big much'ado about the all electric DMC that hit the press a few moons ago.  In short, Epic EV stepped in to help craft the beast into an all new EV with an attitude. After the dust settled, the Epic EV and DMC team were so happy with the results that both parties decided to take the relationship up a level.

That being said, Epic EV recently announced the freshly minted agreement with DMC regarding the new DMCEV. Epic EV will be playing a vital role in the vehicles development, bringing advanced composites chassis technology to a classic that was ahead of its time.


“The original DeLorean was 30 years ahead of its time in the 1980s so I felt that the composites the new DMCEV uses today should also be well ahead of its time.”-Chris Anthony, Epic's CEO.


If you're curious about the improvement in performance and safety, Anthony also says "We have achieved 200lbs of reduction in weight with these new bodies through better engineering and that will make for a more advanced DMCEV. The roof crush and side impact strength is greatly improved on these bodies and I think this is a great new attribute for the DMCEV.”


Delorean's CEO Stephen Wynne had this to say “We had aggressive targets for this new body structure and Epic EV exceeded those by a wide margin. We can’t wait to provide our customers with new DMCEV’s that utilize this new advanced composites technology and the fact that the original DeLorean cars can also be retrofitted with this new composite body structure further broadens the appeal”




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Source: Epic Electric Vehicles