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Agristrand Biocomposites prepares for production

News International-French

15 Mar 2012

Agristrand and Met-Con are currently working together to get recently purchased plant ready for production.

Agristrand Biocomposites, LLC has acquired a production facility in Mankato, MN for the manufacturing and marketing of composite particle board and door core products made from annually renewable soy straw. At full capacity, the plant will utilize the soy straw from roughly 50,000 acres of soybean growers within the region. 'Eco-friendly' soy fiber offers a unique "green" value proposition in todays market.


Met-Con has the privilege to work with Agristrand to provide millwright and plant services to update and perform maintenance on much of the equipment in order to start production at this facility later this spring.


Some of the duties of the Met-Con personnel on site are replacign belts and bearings, grease existing systems, replace work and inoperable parts, alignments of conveyor systems and ensuring equipment will run at full capacity when operations begin.


With intense heat and pressures, Agristrand will compress almost a foot of product to 20% of original thickness producing a dense product used in door manufacturing and other products.


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