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AGY and CTG Taishan Fiberglass schedule launch of S-1 HM glass fiber production

News International-French

24 Mar 2014

The material was developed by AGY and will be produced by CTG/Taishan Fiberglass to fill the cost and performance gap between traditional E-Glass products and higher performance glasses such as AGY’s S-2 Glass products.  

CTG/Taishan Fiberglass has scheduled the completion of a new furnace for the end of the second quarter of 2014 with commercial availability of S-1 HM glass fiber rovings beginning the third quarter of 2014.

CTG/Taishan Fiberglass is a glass fiber manufacturer whose main focus is supplying the highest quality glass fiber to its customers at the best price and with the best service.

S-1 HM glass was developed primarily for the wind energy market with input from blade and turbine manufactures. AGY’s S-1HM glass has been tested in an array of epoxy and vinyl ester systems in today’s wind turbine blades.

While AGY and CGT/Taishan Fiberglass are targeting the wind energy market with S-1 HM, they both believe the material has potential for many other industrial applications.

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