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AGY announces expansion of S-2 glass fiber capacity

News International-French

18 Mar 2015

The global producer of glass fiber yarns and high-strength glass fiber reinforcement materials, announces the expansion of its capacity to produce S-2 glass yarns and rovings.

The expansion is taking place in two phases, with the initial phase completed in late January 2015 and the second phase reaching full production by July of this year.

“The success of these new S-2 Glass fiber products, along with growth AGY is seeing in its traditional products and applications, has led to the addition of capacity with the goal of staying ahead of market demand.” commented Patrick Burns, President & CEO.

S-2 Glass fibers are produced in AGY’s proprietary melting technology, with the capacity expansion adding new positions in the company’s Aiken, South Carolina facility. The use of this proprietary equipment allows the company to increase capacity without affecting existing production volumes. These positions can be installed in a much quicker time frame than a traditional glass fiber furnace.

“The new capacity will come at a time when AGY is moving into new markets such as chopped fibers for the thermoplastic compounds and is seeing increased utilization of S-2 Glass yarns in aerospace and other structures,” commented Alan Pekarik, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

AGY glass fibers offer performance advantages over other types of products with added mechanical and thermal properties, and they are available as yarns, single-end rovings, multi-end rovings and chopped formats to meet the demands of a number of different processes.

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